AllofE Releases ExamN Version 5.0 for K-12 School Districts


For a while now, school districts have been turning to online assessments in order to save valuable resources, such as time and money. However, there are more benefits than just saving resources. One of the greatest benefits is performance tracking. Tracking student performance levels over time is crucial for school districts to do because it allows them to find correlations between performance levels and other factors that may be within their power to change if necessary.

Data analysis is the driving force behind most school district decisions these days. That is why it is important for school districts to find a product that gives them the indepth analysis that they need without being too complicated to understand or use. ExamN is the emergence of advanced data analysis dashboards and a complete assessment solution. To further meet this growing need so that educators can remain at the forefront of their students’ educational experience, AllofE released Version 5.0 of ExamN for K-12 School Districts.

With ExamN 5.0 new functionality includes:

Clicker Integration – administer tests in class with ease through the use of SMART Response™ clickers.

Bubblesheet Management – print customized and pre-populated bubble sheets on standard copy paper that is scanner independent.

Centralized Assessment Management – manage all assessments in one centralized location and choose between three different administration options: online, with bubble sheets, or with SMART Response™ clickers.

Common Assessment Management – create and administer district wide assessments that can be added to individual teacher assessments in order to test students on classroom and district learning objectives at once.

Testing Analytics Dashboard – analyze test results and reports at different levels – from the whole district down to an individual student – in one centralized location.

Rubrics for Performance Based Assessments – align state, common core, or college-readiness standards to a rubric’s grading criteria, assign point multipliers to each grading level, and assign rubrics to subjective-response questions in order to grade with more objectivity.

ExamN is AllofE's solution to online testing and training. The completely flexible and customizable application manages every aspect of testing from building and organizing the assessments to taking, grading, and reporting them.

Visit the ExamN 5.0 Website to learn more.