AllofE Launches Social Media Mashup (SMASHUP) Beta Project

LAWRENCE, Kan. – AllofE Solutions is identifying a small, select group of universities to take part in a social media SMASHUP beta project. The goal of this beta is to create a branded, customized, and high-end social media site to aggregate all of a university social media activity and accounts into one well-designed central hub.

This beta is only available to universities that are committed to becoming a leader for and setting an example in university social media and related best practices. AllofE will be sharing the cost of this project with the selected universities.

“We will work with universities to make their social media initiatives more effective through the mashup and design it in a way that is consistent with the university brand,” said Tracy Kemp, AllofE product manager. “We’re making a large investment in this project because we know that it will lead to tangible results and provide true value to the universities we select.”

AllofE is looking for universities that currently have a strong social media presence as evidenced by the number of active blogs, videos, Twitter and Facebook accounts, etc., or universities that want to make a strong commitment to social media for student affairs, alumni relations, communications, recruiting, or fund raising.

If this is of interest to you and your university, or if you have any questions about the beta project, please contact Katie at kbrosious AT allofe DOT com.