AllofE Launches CatalogM, will Partner with Four Universities as part of Launch

LAWRENCE, Kan. -- AllofE Solutions announces the launch of its newest product, CatalogM: an online catalog management system that allows universities to easily update and structure an online course catalog, without compromising the print catalog. CatalogM allows the user to set the catalog structure as they build the catalog instead of forcing a university to change their content to fit a certain model.

CatalogM began when a nearby university approached AllofE with a unique set of requirements that weren't being met by what was available at the time, said Katie Brosious, AllofE product manager. Based on years of experience building systems to meet the unique needs of universities, AllofE built CatalogM, one of the most flexible catalog management systems on the market.

Based on the combination of years and years of experience in K-12 curriculum management systems, and years of experience in higher education curriculum management and content management systems, CatalogM is primed to address the specific issues associated with online course catalogs for universities.

"This product is a game-changer in terms of catalog management. It really strikes a balance between web and print so that the universities won't have to change all that much," said Brosious. "You can tell how much thought went into building this system, and our experience in building other higher education systems really played a role in its development."

AllofE is currently finalizing partnerships for the first two implementations of CatalogM, and will partner with three more universities as part of the product launch. Partnerships will entail discounted pricing of as much as 30%, and specialized attention to the unique needs of those universities. The goal of CatalogM is to create very high-end examples of university catalog management.

Contact Katie Brosious at kbrosious AT allofe DOT com for more information, or visit to read more about CatalogM.