AllofE Curriculum Management



In addition to the IEP, Individual Evaluation Program, tracking system that was recently developed, AllofE has added a Curriculum Management system to it's Academic Platform suite of web based products.

The Curriculum Management system allows teachers to manage course curriculum information online and automatically generate and print attractive course guides and grade level scope documentation.  The system organizes each document in a consistent, easy to read format that can be printed out or attached to a web site page.  It connects the user to state based goals and guidelines for subject area curriculum and uses these to help create course curriculum that meets state and district standards and requirements.

About AllofE Academic Platform

The Academic Platform is AllofE’s solution to information management for schools, school districts, universities, libraries, museums, and any other academia or research oriented organization. From room and event scheduling to digital image library management, our web-based applications are unparalleled in terms of functionality and usability. In addition, we continue to build upon and expand the existing infrastructure to include more and more applications.