Allen Press, Inc.



Through the use of ContentM, AllofE’s Web content management application, Allen Press, Inc. will completely reconstruct their Web site and its menu structure, transforming it into an organized, easy-to-navigate information management site with broad visual appeal. Here customers and inquirers can find all relevant content in regards to the company, its product and services offerings, its published journals and what lies ahead for Allen Press, Inc. efficiently. Due to the extensive offerings of the company, it is important that the application manage separate division’s information consistently on one site, rather than through multiple individual sites. ContentM will allow multiple contributors to content ensuring only the most up-to-date information is available via the site and will manage all of Allen Press’s content, regardless of its continued growth and dynamics, through just one application. In the future, Allen Press envisions managing multiple client sites from one location, which will easily be made possible from within ContentM.

About Allen Press, Inc.

Allen Press, Inc. is a commercial typesetting, printing, and publishing company providing clients in the scientific, technical, and medical publishing fields with a variety of services related to print and online publishing. It provides journal and book manufacturing, on-line and CD-ROM publishing, and a variety of other publishing services, including copy-editing, managing editing, business management, marketing, advertising, distribution, and warehouse fulfillment. Allen Press, Inc. began operating in Lawrence, Kansas, in 1935 and currently employs nearly 400 people, providing services for over 300 scientific, technical and medical societies and organizations.